Brittany E. Holthausen  is an Engineering Psychology doctoral student at Georgia Institute of Technology, She earned Bachelors degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Masters degree in Engineering Psychology from Georgia Tech. Her research focuses on trust and situation awareness in automated vehicles and interactions with automated vehicles.


Philipp Wintersberger is a researcher at the research center CARISSMA/THI and obtained his diploma in Computer Science from Johannes Kepler University Linz specializing Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Vision. He worked 10 years as a software engineer/architect and was invited speaker about mobile computing and software development at several conferences/events. In January 2016, he joined the Human-Computer Interaction Group at CARISSMA/THI to conduct research in the area of Human Factors and Driving Ergonomics. 


Alexander G. Mirnig is a Research Fellow at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Salzburg, Austria. He earned a Masters degree in Analytic Philosophy. His current research focuses on human factors in automated public transportation, control transitions in semi-automated vehicles and Machine Ethics.


Alexander Kunze e is a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at Loughborough University. After completing a dual Bachelor of Engineering degree in cooperation with Volkswagen R&D. He obtained a Master of Science degree in Product Design Engineering from the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on the design of peripheral as well as augmented reality-based interfaces for communicating system uncertainties. 


Zoe Becerra is an Engineering Psychology doctoral student at Georgia Institute of Technology. She earned Bachelors degrees in Mathematics and Psychology from Morehead State University. Her research focuses on situation awareness in automated vehicles and the interaction between trust situation awareness. 


Bruce N. Walker is Professor in the School of Psychology and the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, and founder of the Sonification Lab. Dr. Walker completed his Ph.D. at Rice University in Human Factors Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction in 2001. He is a Core Faculty member in the GVU Center, a member of the Center for Music Technology (GTCMT) and the Center for Biologically Inspired Design (CBID), and a Project Director in the WirelessRERC. Dr. Walker is a Past-President of the International Community for Auditory Display (ICAD) and served as Program Chair for Auto-UI 2018. 

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